Meet our Executive Chef


Born and raised in Brimfield, Massachusetts, Abby has been around restaurants for most of her life.  She has not only held a variety of positions in the food service industry (hostess, manager, server, to name a  few) for ten years, but her grandfather owned a restaurant in Hubbardston.  


She initially learned the basics of of cooking from her parents and grandfather.  Proud to say that "Cooking is my passion," she has been an Executive Chef for the past 3 years.  In addition to cooking, she also holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont in Music Performance.  When she's not cooking at Sofia, she plays the French Horn in a local orchestra.

After college, she "fell into" the food service industry, and learned as she went along. Studying informally under former NECI head-chefs, she is constantly honing her skills in the kitchen.  What she enjoys about Italian cuisine is the variety of possibilities, "It's easy for me to make it comforting and still bring it to the next level."  She believes in signature dishes that captivate the pallets of those enjoying her cuisine.  

Executive Chef Abby shares a special bond with owner Emma Parente, saying "we talk daily about the vision of the restaurant."  She is also proud to have employees who share their vision as well.  "We have such an amazing staff," she points out how rare it is to have the "front and back of the house working together" and believes that is just one element of the continued success of Sofia Ristorante.  

A mother of 2 children with a love for music, she finds cross-stitching a great way to unwind. You can also find her hiking or utilizing her master gardener's certification in her backyard.

She looks forward to creating culinary magic for you very soon. And never fear! Executive Chef Abby wants to help accommodate all dietary needs to make sure your experience here at Sofia is truly perfect.

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