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About the Blog Mistress: I'm not just a Server/Bartender

Updated: Mar 27

Hi, my name is Lanie Wish, and I'm the newest member of the Sofia Ristorante staff. While I am new to this particular establishment, I am not new to the food service industry, nor am I new to writing or blogging. For continuity, I'll begin with my life as a Server first.

I was born in San Francisco, California, and raised in what was then a small town, but has since become more of a wine-making presence, in Lodi, California. I've been working in restaurants off and on since I was 17 years old. I lived in the SF bay area, and the Los Angeles area, where I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. During my time in SF and LA, I held various restaurant jobs. I was employed by hotels as a cocktail server and banquet server, Italian restaurants, steakhouses, and was even a pizza waitress for a time.

I've been in New England now for about 20 years. I lived and worked in Stamford, CT and New York City. I worked for bars, french bistros and 4-star establishments in Manhattan, and I was there during the horrible 9/11 event. Upon moving to Massachusetts, I worked a combination of office and restaurant jobs. Because of my acting background, I performed in plays in and around Boston, as well as being cast in the film FEVER PITCH, right upon moving here from NYC. In addition to the film, I was also in a commercial for Foxwoods Casino. Theatrically, I worked with Another Country Productions in Boston, Vokes Theatre in Wayland, Calliope Theatre in Boylston, and Washington Street Players in Holliston, where we won "Best Ensemble Cast" for the play "When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet" at the EMACT Festival. I also became a make-up artist, working for Chanel, MAC and Lancome. I was the Business Manager for Trish McEvoy in Nordstrom in Natick when they opened that location in 2007.

My journalism career began in high school. I was a reporter for three years, and my senior year I was the Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper, which we published every two weeks. I continued to write as the years went on, and it was just something I always did.

My twin boys were supposed to be born in late June of 2009, but they were actually born at 31 weeks in April of 2009. For the past ten years, I've primarily been a stay-at-home mom. I had a hard time finding a part-time job with a flexible schedule.

I've been working as a Legal Assistant in a very part time capacity for a solo trial attorney who practices family law & civil litigation since 2015. In 2009, I joined an organization called the MetroWest Parents of Multiples. At that time, we had a newsletter, and I began writing features in 2012. In 2015, I was asked to join the Board of Directors, and take over as the Newsletter Chair & Editor, which I have been doing since then. In 2019, I changed the format to a blog, which I still edit, write for and manage. Also in 2019, I was promoted within the Board to the Executive Board where I have been serving as the National Representative of our club. Within the organization, I not only write editorials, but also gather resources, and important informational articles about children, and twins in particular, to help our members navigate the very stressful life of being a parent of multiples.

So fast forward to the present...after Emma saw my blog, we discussed the possibility of a blog for Sofia Ristorante. When the restaurant ban occurred, we decided to roll the blog out in the interim while the restaurant is closed. In the very short training period I had, I was able to experience the spirit and philosophy of Sofia Ristorante - and fortunately, it echoed my own philosophy about wine, food and the dining experience. I found my new co-workers very complimentary to my way of working, and this blog was born through a team collaboration between myself, Emma and Chef Abby.

I look forward to the restaurant re-opening and getting to know all of the wonderful patrons of Sofia Ristorante.

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