The heart of Sofia Ristorante:

Owner Emma Parente

Born in a small Italian village called Ceprano (pronounced Chi-Prano), Emma Parente's first language was Italian.  She was just 4 years-old when her family moved to Hudson, Massachusetts.  Growing up in Hudson was special to her, because her mother's family already lived here.  Her late father was a well respected business owner for over 30 years on Main Street Hudson.
Sofia Ristorante opened its doors in 2001.  Over the years, her clientele has not only grown, but what some business owners would refer to as loyal clientele, Emma calls friends. She began the restaurant through her love of old-school Italian classic cuisine and wine that was a way of life for her and her family.  "It's in my blood," she explains it is a joy to share her family's dining traditions with the residents of Hudson.
The feeling of "family" is very present at Sofia Ristorante.  Emma has raised six children, ranging in age from elementary school to adulthood.  Emma's mother, Anna, is an additionally welcoming presence at Sofia Ristorante.  Guests are welcomed into Sofia Ristorante as if they were walking into Emma's home.  
She is additionally proud of the team she has working for her, beginning with her Executive Chef Abby.  In a short time, Chef Abby has embraced the sprit of Sofia.  "I've always wanted a woman in the kitchen," she says proudly.
She looks forward to seeing you very soon.
* * * 

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